I have had the opportunity to explore coaching with Dena for several months now. Her gift of open and sincere acceptance of the person in front of her, combined with her ability to see the potential for positive growth, make her an exceptional coach and steady inspirational voice. She asks wonderful questions and the space for thoughtful, unhurried replies. She seems to understand that sometimes the best insights come from our own process of contemplation. I have been richly blessed by the interaction and am confident that others will too!
Katy Moran, MD
Dena was a godsend when updating my messaging to be more in alignment with what my brand had evolved into. It felt more like a conversation than work and she somehow gleaned everything she needed to masterfully take my concept from its "beginner mode" to an impeccable representation of who I was as a brand. She then took it a step further and worked to develop this into who my CLIENT was and how to reach them. Dena converted my narrative to their narrative. My offering, to their results. All in a way that was authentic.

At one point I wanted a little more "sass" inserted to feel more like my voice and she asked just the right questions to inject this in. Working with Dena took my work from what I couldn't put into words to exactly what I'd been trying to convey. I can not recommend her enough. If you have been struggling with a rebrand or evolution, stop immediately and hire Dena. You can't afford the lost opportunities to reach those you serve if you don't.
Linda Street, MD
I met Dena at a retreat five years ago. She is an seasoned and thoughtful physician who has a broad array of experience. She is kind and creative and her podcast is wonderful. Listen to an episode to get a feel for how Dena cares and serves. Even listening to her voice, you will learn about her and you will learn something that can support you right now! Dena is passionate about learning and walks the walk she shares with others. As a fellow physician, I recommend her highly and encourage you to reach out to Dena!
Sarah Robinson Flick, MD