Create an Unstoppable Life

The podcast for Smart Professionals who often get in their own way. Each episode explores how to get unstuck, move beyond over-working and over-thinking, and create more fulfillment personally and professionally.

Ep #174 – Flourishing with Dr. Tricia Wooden Create an Unstoppable Life by Dena George, MD

Life is difficult.  Relationships are difficult.  Organizations are difficult.  It’s been a difficult three years since the world changed.  So how do we move beyond surviving. . . into flourishing?     Dr. Tricia Wooden is here to walk us through it.  She’s deeply introspective and has thought a lot about flourishing at an organizational level and personal level.  In this episode we cover what wellness looks like, how she thinks about it, and the habits she’s adopted to flourish in her life.   Tricia is a wife, mother, and family physician, and passionate advocate/leader for clinician well-being.  She received her MD degree from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. She is also a Navy Veteran and member of Women Warrior Healers. 
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