Create an Unstoppable Life

The podcast for Smart Professionals who often get in their own way. Each episode explores how to get unstuck, move beyond over-working and over-thinking, and create more fulfillment personally and professionally.

Ep #98 – Adding Delight to Your Life Create an Unstoppable Life by Dena George, MD

There are many beliefs around delight for the high achiever. . .it has to wait. . . it has to be earned. . .it's complicated or takes too much time.  (Smile). Today's podcast is all about the ease and simplicity of delight – what blocks it, where to find it, and how to cultivate more of it.  You will calculate your "delight score", which you can track over time.  So much value in so little time. . .it's a delight to share this with you.   Congratulations to @PedsMomLife on Instagram for winning the Podcast Giveaway.  
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