About Me

My journey to here started with the question…

“Is this as good as it gets?”

The question initially was a whisper that occasionally caught my attention. Over time, it developed into a scream to no longer be ignored.

I reached the point where something had to change.  I could no longer tolerate the waiting, working harder, or the excuses. 

What I searched for was freedom.  Freedom to come home to myself. Freedom to take charge of my mind, schedule, and energy.  And freedom to let good be enough… my best be enough… the last achievement and degree to be enough.

I found freedom through hiring a life coach – to understand the wiring of my mind, the over-complication of any task, and other habits and patterns that kept me stuck.  I learned so much about me that I became a coach.  

So many of us experience the same things and cope in similar ways:

  • We do more – thinking there are no other options.
  • We value ourselves and abilities less.
  • We stop seeing the magic of who we are and what is possible.
  • We settle for less rather than fight on purpose.

 Coaching is about finding your freedom:

  • Freedom to believe.
  • Freedom to be imperfect (and human).
  • To control your energy and redirect thinking that doesn’t serve you well. . . AND create compassion for those times you don’t get it right.
  • Freedom to allow good to be more than enough.
  • Finally, freedom to be yourself and do the work you are called to do

Freedom for me looks like this:

  • Being at home anywhere and everywhere.
  • Engaging in more meaningful relationships with my husband and son.
  • Coaching others to reconnect their mind with their heart and live the life of their dreams.
  • Creating peace even in the midst of uncertainty, doubt, fear and shame.
  • Finally, connecting with patients in an impactful way that changes how they view themselves and their health.

I believe in living fully the calling that only we are meant to… and mine is to help you clarify what you want but cannot see, the immense power you have, and the tools easily accessible for you to create an Unstoppable Life.

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