Meaningful Marketing – Delight Your Customer

Marketing & Messaging for Physicians

You Aren’t a Cheesy Salesperson

You have a product/service that changes lives. . . we’ll create amazing marketing that feels great to share AND inspires your customer to work with you.

You aren’t supposed to know how
to do this… it’s not like the steps you took to become a doctor.

Dena combines experience as a physician, StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide, and Life/Business coach to take the mystery out of marketing and messaging.  She will help you create meaningful marketing/messaging that shows people why they need to work with you.

Develop Focus & Clarity

  • Share a clear message that resonates with your ideal customer
  • Have ease with talking about your product/service and how it changes lives
  • Delight in the offers you create & how you share the message
  • Enjoy the peace of marketing well and sharing your authentic voice

The Plan

Schedule a Consult Call

We’ll explore where you are at, where you want to go, and how working together will get you there faster.

Commit to the Process

You’ll experience the ease of having a guide for creating meaningful marketing & messaging. . . and overcoming any obstacle that comes up along the way.

Enjoy Your Business

A clear and focused business (and owner) exceeds customer expectations and creates raving fans.


What Other Physicians Are Saying

At Dena George MD Coaching we know that you want to be a clear and focused physician leader with a business.  In order to do that, you need to figure out how to create or grow your business.  The problem is, you don’t know where to start which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  We believe that people are missing out. . . and suffering because of it.

You aren’t supposed to know how to do this – it’s different than the steps you took to become a doctor.  Dena combines her experience as a physician, Story Brand Certified Marketing Guide, and Life/Business coach to take the mystery out of building a business of impact.  We will combine a clear and focused mindset with powerful messaging to help your customers win.

Schedule a call and let’s get started.  Stop wanting to quit on your dream and instead lead a business that helps your customers win.

Not ready to commit. . . but still want to create meaningful marketing? 

Download “Renew Your Marketing & Messaging – a Mindset & Strategy Guide for Physicians.” In this guide, you’ll see where your energy is being drained and ways to renew. You’ll also be subscribed to weekly emails to build your momentum, confidence, and action-taking with marketing.

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